Thursday, May 20, 2010

8 weeks out!!

EIGHT weeks out from my FIGURE competition!!! YAY!!! NOW the REALLY INTENSE training will be MUCH easier to follow because after graduation tomorrow...I'm off work for awhile! Like most of the summer!! We have a few days here and there for registration, conferences, and training...but NO students! We are also moving into a brand new building in July...and we will all have our OWN offices (we have two of us per office..) SO i'm excited for the move...but SO relieved to get some time off now! Training has been going pretty well... this past week has been not as good though. I had BUNKO at my home on Tuesday and was CrAzy busy getting ready for that. Helping my DD sell COOKIE DOUGH for Pink Panthers, the dance team she made...and we sold A LOT..over $550!!! Usually don't do fundraisers... but being in this group is such an HONOR and we NEED funds for all the fun stuff they need!!! Then we had RN Pinning Ceremony last night. I always feel obligated to go out with the faculty that I teach did after pinning and then of course it was too late to go to the gym...but all i had was ICE water at the sports bar we were at.. SO....had my days off this week..and will be TRAINING hard this weekend!! Today was BEAUTIFUL weather so hope that continues for the weekend. I should get my new figure suit in the mail tomorrow...that will be BIG time inspiration!! I've really been focusing on my LEG workouts and after having a day LEGS the next day so I'm more rested like Michelle suggests. Tonight had a talker at gym waste some of my time and didn't get through my whole WO..but did good with what I did get done!!! I started BOOSTING this week...CD #18 and had a little spotting CD#16 and 17... I know I ovulated around CD#11 or 12...would be right on as 25-26 day cycles usually...

SQUATS - 90x10/110x10/130x10/140x10

DEAD LIFTS 70x10/90x10 x2/ 100x10

WALKING LUNGES 20lb DBs x15 x2 sets

KNEE EXTENSIONS 90x8/100x6/110x6/110x4/ toes out 100x10 x2 sets

then took the dog for a quick walk... Taught 530 am spinning this am too....

Here's what I have done the past week...


MON-taught AM spin, LEGS at night

TUES- OFF (bunko!)

WED-ARM DAY (bis - tris) GOOD WO!

THURS - OFF...didn't get to teach spin... :( - RN PInning Ceremony

FRI- taught AM spin, LEGS tonight

PLAN for SAT - BACK & SHOULDERS, PROB... Spin Class or running outside

SUN - CHEST & TRIs ..... Plan to try to do pics this weekend too... and HOPE for a change.... THINKING OF LISA THIS WEEKEND!!! I LOVE having her competing again too!! EXCITING for sure!!!!!

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